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4PDT Blower Switch for Guitar

In this post are a series of diagrams to show how a blower switch could be wired up in a guitar. A Blower switch is one that sends the output of the pickup directly to the output jack bypassing the … Continue reading

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History Of Boss

Here is some information from Boss on the History of their compact pedal (stomp boxes) product line. I remember when they first came out but now is there a guitarist who has never used one of these ?   Produced … Continue reading

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Automating Axe FX Pre-set Changes With Cubase

This post covers how to use Cubase to send midi information to the Axe FX II in order to change pre-sets and/or scene changes on the Axe FX. It also covers sending Bank Changes to access pre-sets numbered higher than … Continue reading

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Updating Axe FX II Firmware

This is a walk through tutorial of upgrading Axe FXII Firmware using Midi Ox on Windows. A similar procedure using Snoize can be used on the Mac. (Edit: 13 December 2012 A fellow Fractal Audio Forum member has a guide … Continue reading

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Test Post

This is just a test post

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